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Regular Season Games

Details are on the calendar but here is the big picture. During the regular season (basically August excepting the last week), the 8u, 10u and 12u players compete on Friday mornings. The older groups play on Tuesday and/or Thursday nights. A team email will go out each week with all the details. This website is NOT the final word but here is the overall plan:


  • August 3 at Innis Arden Pool 9 am-1 pm
  • August 10 at View Ridge Pool 9 am-1 pm
  • August 17 at View Ridge Pool 9 am-1 pm
  • August 24 at Blue Ridge Pool 9 am-1 pm


  • August 9 at Blue Ridge Pool 8-10 pm
  • August 14 at Innis Arden Pool 6-9 pm
  • August 16 at Blue Ridge Pool 7-10 pm
  • August 21 at Blue Ridge Pool 7-10 pm
  • August 23 at Sheridan Beach Pool 7-10 pm


Playoffs are August 26-August 30. Details are on the calendar but the general picture is below. This is the one time of the season we try to get as many players available as possible. So . . . if you are planning camps and vacations and have some flexibility, keep water polo in mind!

  • 18u Coed - Morning and Afternoon of Sunday, August 26
  • 12u Coed - Morning of Monday, August 27 
  • 14u Coed - Evening of Monday, August 27
  • 10u Coed - Morning of Tuesday, August 28
  • 12u/14u/18u Girls - Afternoon/Evening of Tuesday, August 28
  • Girls Champs - Evening of Wednesday, August 29
  • Coed Champs - Afternoon/Evening of Thursday August 30
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Playing Up

Typically, we ask players to play in their age group plus the next group above. This means that a 10-year old might play the 10 and under game and the 12 and under game. But if players are uncomfortable playing older kids, there is zero pressure to do so.

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