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2018 Season

If you are new to the team, welcome and rest assured that the team’s emphasis is on fun, enjoyable competition with a focus on learning the basics of the sport. We have a tremendous coaching staff who love to teach while making practices fun and supportive..

Season Overview - Our first practice is July 25th. Our first games for the younger kids are on August 3rd and the older groups play their first matches on August 9th. Playoffs start August 26th and conclude August 30th. Our end of season party is the evening of September 9th.

Eligibility - We are open to all boys and girls age 6-18. You do not need to live in the neighborhood.

Practices - Most of our short season we offer morning AND evening practices. No one is expected to make both (although many do!). We offer both to fit better into the busy schedules of the kids (and their drivers).

Vacations/Camps/Etc. - It's August. Have fun. Families come and go all the time and we are fine with it. It is also perfectly okay to start the season a bit late.

T-Shirts - Your season dues include a t-shirt unique to each season.

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Free Trial

If you are new to water polo you are welcome to try our team for one week at no charge. Just email us to say you would like a Free Trial and go ahead and start coming to practices. If all goes well, go ahead and register for the season.

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